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Business Coaching and Facilitation

Building healthy teams as a strategic priority.

I am a certified coach and team dynamics facilitator. I work in partnership with business leaders and their teams to help build cohesion. We do this through creating shared meaning, a compelling vision and a results-driven action plan. This generates unity, commitment and momentum to increase productivity with ease.

I provide facilitation and workshops custom designed to meet client needs for a variety of topics, including but not limited to: values, vision, mission, leadership, and team-building. I also provide individual solution focused coaching within an organization. 


In working with teams, I support you in building a grounded foundation to thrive through change. We are consistently faced with change of staff through attrition or career changes, organizational re-structure, and so on that impact teams in the workplace. When this happens, it changes the dynamics of the team. Whether you are the one anticipating and creating the change or it is change outside of your control, we collectively create a common framework and strengthen relationships. Decisions are made with ease and you successfully navigate whatever comes your way.

I bring a unique blend of coaching using solid, proven coaching principles and practices, leadership, and recreation skills to consulting engagements. Through the tools, skills, knowledge, and expertise I bring, I will facilitate the building of that solid foundation.

Business Coaching & Consulting - in service to you and your business:

Develop new perspectives on challenging situations in the work environment that are in alignment with established values.

Take a coach approach as a strategy for accessing resourcefulness and developing resilience

Design and commit to action and accountability plans that improve focus and maintain momentum of the work team

Deeply commit to learning and development

Cultivate both personal and team mindfulness as well as awareness to grow and develop effective working relationships


"This first experience of life coaching was very powerful and life giving for me. Tania brings a wide skill set and uses her varied methods expertly and seamlessly. I highly rec..."

Reed Early

Credentialled Evaluator

"I hired Tania in late 2013 as an Executive Coach; she coached me for several months. Tania helped me to achieve my business goals through Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programmi..."

Maribel Valls

The Culture Coach

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