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Wow! What a ride!

Wow! What a ride and one of the many 'best days of my life' moments! I had an opportunity to facilitate in my favourite place last Friday and Saturday...outdoors! AND it was an honour to be on a traditional First Nations canoe paddle with Leadership Vancouver Island West Coast for their last leadership day -- 'The Journey.'


We camped overnight at the mouth of the Kennedy River, heard the stories from when Joe (the man who built the canoes we paddled) lived there as a child -- it was the site of the fishing cannery and we stood on the ground where his Grandparents home used to be. Joe, Tsimka and Tamara sung a traditional welcome song that has been sung over generations to welcome guests to First Nations land.


The view from my 'class room' was breath-taking. We had a Bald Eagle fly over making high-pitched piping notes. We paused to appreciate the experience and meaning for each of us. Fish were jumping and there was a pleasant breeze on the warm sunny day. The weather was phenomenal the entire trip.


This experience was pure joy, spending 2 days on the ocean, camping, facilitating outdoors with rich meaningful conversation combining my two passions of leadership and coaching. Wow, what a ride and one of the many 'best days of my life!'

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