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Workshop - Step Into Who You Want To Be

Hi everyone. I am offering a 1/2 day workshop in Mill Bay, BC. I welcome you to read the write up below:


Step Into Who You Want To Be


Are you unclear on exactly what it is you want? Do you intuitively know that it is time to make a change but aren't sure what that change is going to be? Have you achieved your goals and wondering what's next? Just suppose that you are living your life today exactly how you want to live it. What would you be doing?


In this introductory workshop, I ask purposeful questions to integrally connect you to your values and resourcefulness, enabling you to gain clarity to achieve your greater potential. In turn this will ripple into all aspects of your life such as work, family, and relationships. This is an engaging workshop to connect to your personal meaning in life and requires active participation so that you can access the answers within.


Location: Kerry Park Recreation Centre, 1035 Shawnigan- Mill Bay Road, Mill Bay, BC, Canada

Date: February 19, 2011

Time: 11:30 am - 3:30 pm

Cost: 4 hours $85

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