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What does living a holistic quality of life mean to you?

Feel even more empowered in 2021. One way to do that is being clear on the quality of life you want for yourself.


In the coming months, I anticipate there will be many opportunities to lead evolutionary change for self, and with others, in navigating the complexities of shifts we are experiencing globally, locally and personally. I thought you might be inspired and interested to learn more about holistic decision making in designing the quality of life you want for yourself.


I embarked on a journey of creating my vision of a holistic quality of life when I was introduced to holistic land management training. My focus has been on holistic decision making, aligning with my values and the joy of the quality of life we have created, with a feeling of peace and ease in my integral being.


In making holistic decisions, choosing to put my attention and intention on what aligns with my quality of life, values and keeping an insatiable lens of curiosity and openness to learn, I had clarity on where to spend my time and energy in navigating the changes in life conditions in 2020; it informs every choice moving forward into 2021.

Empowerment is in the questions.


In this transition time into a new year, I invite you to allow yourself the space to reflect on the following questions with curiosity, through sensing your inner knowing, and openness to images/sounds/words/thoughts/feelings.


Describe how you want your life to be, based on what you most value. (Economic well-being, relationships, challenge and growth, purpose and contribution). What is the whole you are holding?

What are you choosing to care about and take responsibility for?

What is quality of life for you?

Who needs to be involved in the holistic context of decision making in your life? Stakeholders?

What are your decision making context checks? Your own guide to ensure you keep in sight of what is most meaningful to you in both short and long term.

What life conditions do you need to support this quality of life?

How will you know you have created a holistic quality of life?

For each action you choose to do, what is the cause and effect? Will it lead toward or away from your holistic quality of life you desire?

As an individual, group, or organization, if you are interested in professional coaching to holistically orient your internal compass and explore what you want for your holistic quality of life, I am open and would be honoured as a coach to partner with you in such a creation.

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