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What Are Your Grateful For?

Naturally with the seasons, especially in North America, it is a time of harvest and gratitude: Thanksgiving. In Canada this is celebrated the second Monday in October and in the USA it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Cultures around the world celebrate harvest and gratitude.

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

For me it means a time to express gratitude, gather with family and friends, to give thanks for the many blessings throughout the year. Thanksgiving is one day in the year dedicated purposefully to giving thanks although I express gratitude throughout the year.

On this Thanksgiving, I am reminiscing upon a milestone in my business and life. I am celebrating 5 years of business and living my ideal life. I pioneered Integral Connections in September, 2010. This was a time of fiscal constraints and economic downturn.

I had a vision that if everyone could learn to communicate in a coaching way and live our own definitions of success, what is meaningful for each of us enabling us to give our greatest contribution, the world would be such a different place. I had a passion to create a life of abundance, flexibility, full of learning, empowerment of self and others, living with integrity doing and being what made me freak out with joy.


Through sharing my learning, skills and capabilities I have worked in partnership with entrepreneurial leaders to bring their visions of their ideal lives to fruition. I have done this through coaching, facilitating and leading by example with integrity. I have been one small candle and have lit many more candles with this light over these past 5 years and have plans in my journey to light many more.


Let your light shine bright with passion, purpose and an aligned plan to live your definition of success in business and life. If you want a partner to support sparking or fuelling your flame or creating the plan to help that flame shine brightly, I welcome the opportunity to explore if we could be the right partnership to support that outcome.


For now, I will sign off with a few coaching questions:


What have you nurtured throughout the year and harvested in your business and life? 

What are you grateful for and acknowledging? 

If you were to reminisce on your own meaning of what Thanksgiving represents for you, what does it mean? 

Moving forward, what is your plan to continue to live your definition of success in business and life?



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