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Turn Your Insight Into Action

The following article was published in the July edition of Valley Voice Magazine:


Turn Your Insight Into Action


What would happen if you based your goals on one question: What is important about the outcome I want to achieve? Asking questions about what is important connects us to our values. Being clear on what is important supports us to achieve what we want to create for ourselves. It may sound like a simple place to start, but when you really embrace this, it has a profound effect on how you lead all aspects of your life.


Through connecting to what is important, you feel:

• satisfied instead of resentful

• in control instead of chaotic

• purposeful instead of apprehensive


What is important to you about the outcome you want to achieve? When you have an answer ask yourself again, ‘what’s important about that?’ Repeat this until you achieve complete clarity on what is important about your goal or outcome. The more times you ask this question, the more clarity you gain. Each time you ask ‘what is important,’ the answers you give uncover more of what motivates you. It also increases your long-term commitment to your goals.


You will be able to quickly check in if an opportunity is a fit or not towards creating what you want. You will become more organized and productive. You will feel more at ease, fulfilled, and balanced. With clear insight on what is important, you will become more focused and begin to take action steps with confidence to achieve what you want.


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Tania Walter Gardiner is a personal career coach and team dynamics consultant with Integral Connections. Gain clarity and direction in your business, career, and life.

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