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Top 5 Tips for a Powerful Conversation

We communicate on a daily basis but how many of these conversations really ignite an engaging spark within you? What was the last conversation you have had with someone that has been purposeful and meaningful? When did you learn something new about someone or yourself? 


We all have the ability to create a powerful conversation, one that digs deep and offers constructive insight. With our daily conversations truncated to quick, abbreviated texts or emojis, we need to take time to engage in a real conversation. Here are five tips to set you on the path:

1. Build rapport and trust.

Genuinely ask, ‘how are you?’ This is the single most powerful question for creating rapport and trust.


2. Set an agreement for the time and higher-value conversation.

‘Can we take a few minutes to look at this project?’ Setting an effective agreement on how we are going to talk and what we are going to focus on is the foundation of a powerful conversation. Get a ‘yes’ before proceeding.

3. Be curious.

Uncontaminated child-like curiosity about the other person and what they have to say.

4. Listen to understand, letting go of judgments and assumptions.

There is a quality of deep listening you bring to the conversation so you can hear what is important to the person you are conversing with. Make a commitment to yourself, declaring open awareness in the conversation.

5. A powerful conversation is about asking questions that empower people to be accountable for results.

Open-ended questioning versus telling. What do you want? What is important about that for you? How will you know you achieved it? How might you begin? What are the ways in which you will stay committed through time? If you produce the result you want, what would that mean for you?



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