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Team Values Connect

As a business leader working with teams, what values do you work and live by? What is your vision? Mission? When there is agreement on vision, mission, and values the rest is small stuff. You can move effortlessly past any issues that arise.


Values define the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the vision, connecting vision to actions. Action steps cannot be planned unless the team is in alignment, having values each member of the team can agree to. One tool that can assist a team to elicit values and develop a strong vision and mission is a charter.


A charter is a structure for agreements so that team members can be relaxed, resourceful and engaged. With these agreements, dialogue flows, moving forward in a productive way. Alignment fosters innovation, inspiration, and high performance. Teams that perform well enjoy their work, have better lives and create sustainable results through time.


Do you have a charter of agreements with those you work with, whether stakeholders, a team of employees, or family business? Having a charter on how you agree to be with each other and work together deepens commitment, collaboration and contribution. Imagine a day-to-day experience of really contributing in your best way. What difference might that make in your business?


Tania Walter Gardiner - Live Your Definition of Success

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