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Taking The Lead in Hiring the Right People

Hiring the right people for your team begins with self-leadership. Being clear, committed and able to communicate your vision, passion and plan enables you to more effectively choose the right people for your team. You create a team from a place of insight and integrity. You seek people who are connected to the same inspired energy who will be engaged in bringing the dream to fruition.

Who are you? How do you show up in the world? What are your values and how do you live out those values? What is your engagement in the work you are doing? Leadership begins when you step into being you. It is the quest for self-knowledge, personal growth and being your authentic self.

How connected are you to feeling the inspiration of what makes you come alive in the work you are doing? How clear are you on your dream for your business? What is your intentional purpose-driven plan to serve your clients? Hire the people who share your dream and align with your values. Having a shared vision aligned with each team members values binds, unifies and galvanizes the team.

Tania Walter Gardiner - Live Your Definition of Success


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