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Sustainable Results

As we go into the eighth week of 2016, checking in, how are you doing with the implementation of your goals and projects you are working on in your business? We usually start the year out in inspiration. What do I want to achieve this year? What is the dream? What is success in my business for this year? What do I want to create? For others, we are continuing on with projects from last year. Perhaps maintaining stability and sustainability or adding a little bit of growth.


With all of these scenarios we are planning, effectively prioritizing, and implementing our plans, taking action to create results. As you build momentum or consistently maintain momentum, how aligned are your plans with your values? What is your commitment through time? When we align our goals with our values, this is when goals become not only achievable but sustainable through time. Since values are the why of what we do, they are tied to motivation. They are the rocket fuel behind our actions.

If you are noticing your energy is waning or you feel you have lost focus, attention and persistence on your goals, I recommend asking yourself 'what is important' about your goals. If you love the results you are creating, have positive vibrational energy and joy? I invite you to ask yourself the same question.

Here are a few other values questions: What would it mean for you to create those results? Who else would be impacted? What values are you living by?

When you are clear on your values, particularly your absolute or core values (versus relative or means values), connected to your vision for your business, the action steps of what you are committing your time to become clear. Next steps and continued action over time become easy, effortless and fluid in achieving the results to live your definition of success in business and life.

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