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Provocative Conversation


I wrote this article on "provocative conversation" for the Cowichan Valley Voice p. 50

Are you longing for a provocative conversation? In business, the strongest leaders are those who can foster meaningful relationships with their team, colleagues and associates, facilitating engaging dialogue.


A leader listen’s, is curious, and asks questions to clarify and connect with what is cared about together. As human beings, we desire connection. This builds rapport and trust, which are critical to any relationship.

Having quality conversation is particularly important when there is change, such as starting a new project, change in the market looking for innovative ideas, or your business has plateaued and you are taking steps to bring it to the next level. What are the ways in which you communicate that builds strong connections?

Are you leveraging the resources and expertise around you so you can make the impact you want to make in business? What is the power and value of your team? What is the next conversational move that will help? Imagine, what results could be created if you had a provocative conversation?


Tania Walter Gardiner - Live Your Definition of Success


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