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NLP Practitioner

I am happy to share that I now have my certification as an NLP Practitioner. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


NLP is a collection of skills derived from studies of individuals generally acknowledged to be "super successes." These successful people had naturally created patterns of excellence in their lives and repeated them with consistent, positive results. These pattterns of excellence have been translated into a synthesis of practical reliable and learnable techniques called NLP.


One intention I have an an NLP Practitioner is to share my learning with my clients so that you can learn to do it for yourself. In learning, you can have true ownership of your capabilities, inner integration of values and results you want to create. You don't need a 'fix it person.' Instead, I assist you to apply the principles for yourself. You already have the resources within to be a success.


Through partnering with me, you begin to have a value oriented awareness, develop your own resources and place attention on your solutions focused vision for yourself. You will learn ways in which you can fully step into living your definition of success in business and life. 

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