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Navigating the Gap - Complexities of Change

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

In our daily lives there are many unknowns. Change is ongoing. How do you navigate the change and the unknown from an empowered, equipped place? Respond from options, freedom and choice? To be adaptable, flexible, responsive? 

How do you stay internally anchored, firm and sustain that when external structures change? To be comfortable with the unknown? How do you mind the gap between where you are now and where you will be? 

If you know something needs to change, and are seeking clarity on how and what, the skills of a certified professional coach can help you a) to gain perspective, b) have insight to inform your choices and c) be aligned when making decisions of where you will invest your time and energy. 

Create space for your ‘self’ to:

• See options

• Choose something different

• Create an opportunity to step back and learn from the choices you are making

• Integrally connect with yourself

• Create room for something to emerge 

• Be able to identify even more what is meaningful and fulfilling in your life

• Develop further the internal alignment to navigate change

I have prepared an exercise, with some questions, should you wish to begin to explore.


Neurological Levels of Change Exploration


Inspired by the model of Logical Levels of Change by Robert Dilts.

I invite you to consider the following questions and create a mental map.


What might you notice?

What might you learn?

What might you discover?

What might you gain insight around?



As you see yourself ‘leading self’, navigating through complexities of change in an integral way, what do you see? Taking a panoramic view, what is in your awareness? What else are you part of? Who else benefits?



Who are you as you navigate the complexities of change? What energy do you feel within you? What energy permeates around you? How are you showing up?


What are you standing for as you navigate the complexities of change? What beliefs serve you? What are your values? What is important?


What capabilities do you have to navigate the complexities of change? What skills do you need? What skills do you personally need to hone in your self-leadership?


What steps do you need to take? Aligning with your vision and values, what strategies, plans, goals, and objectives will you implement?


What is the ideal environment, within your control, to support navigating the complexities of change?

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