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Mastermind Momentum in your business?

Hello Solopreneurs! As you move into implementation and consistent momentum in building your coaching practice, is your confidence wavering, feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unclear or alone?

Join the 3 month Mastermind Momentum Team and succeed with Integral Connections. You will have group coaching, mentor coaching, masterminding, facilitation and an accountability system that will help you increase your commitment, be a catalyst for collective learning, and generate accelerated results in your business.

For the Mastermind Momentum Team specifically for Erickson Coaching International Students and Graduates, click here for more information and how to register:

For Solopreneurs please express your interest to Tania directly, click here for more information: http:/ 

Tania offers both online and onsite Mastermind Momentum Teams. Whether you are local in the Cowichan Valley or from anywhere in the World, you can be engaged in a Mastermind Momentum Team and create your definition of success in business and life. 

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