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Making Resolutions Stick

I view resolutions as intentions of what you would like to change or be different to be a better ‘you’ than what you have done in the past. To be successful in achieving the results you aim to achieve starts with being clear on what it is you truly want to create for yourself and determine why that resolution is important to you. Then ask yourself, ‘what steps am I going to take to achieve that resolution?’ followed by ‘how will I know I achieved my resolution?’ then ‘how am I going to purposefully and intentionally commit to my resolution?


New years’ resolutions fizzle because change is challenging. A resolution that is aligned with your deepest values and setting values-based goals greatly increases your motivation to follow through. Achieving goals feels satisfying, even during difficult times. Building in accountability that is the right fit for you is an important piece. Connect to your resourcefulness to determine your support networks that will help you achieve the results you want - hire a coach, get a mentor, have a success buddy.

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