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IslandSmart Business Series

Building Business Momentum via Values Based Leadership

I am excited to annouce my upcoming partnership with Island Savings Duncan Branch to facilitate three engaging learning sessions. Each session will be interactive and are designed to help business owners expedite values-based, progressive and sustainable results. 

Time: 7:00 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

Place: Island Savings Duncan Branch

#14-250 Trunk Road

Cost: Free


Stance Matters: Values Based Leadership - October 25

• Who are you as a business owner?

What do you stand for? It's who you are that makes the difference.

• Gain insight and clarity on your core values so you can generate a centered foundation from which to make decisions and achieve empowering results.


Mastermind Momentum Leveraging Results - November 1

• Facilitative leadership is part of a greater business culture shift from a directive management style to a collaborative system of accountability.

• Discover a method to maximize your team's potential, adding more to your leadership toolbox to invite participation from individuals on your team.

• Learn ways in which to create an environment of innovation and reinforce commitment to shared business goals.

3 Tips to Inspiring and Fostering Trust in Leadership - November 8

• What's the best question to build trust?

• Learn key techniques to easily foster trust, ignite inspiration and accelerate individual and team results



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