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Insightful Focus

Where are you choosing to focus? Where you put your attention is where you will create results. When we shift our attention, putting focus on what we want and the way we want to produce results, we become more inspired.


If you were to scale your level of focus for today, with 1 just beginning to be focused and 10 being fully and completely focused, where are you on the scale? What needs to shift or change to move you up the scale?


An insightful tip to support moving up the scale is to have a values conversation. Values inform the movement we make in the world and are the core of our being. When you connect to what matters and you have a ‘solutions’ focus you amp up your commitment, momentum and inspiration. The quality of your engagement shifts.


I invite you to ask yourself each morning for the next month, “where am I choosing to focus?” Imagine, what might happen if you took action on that focus? What would you be doing? What impact would that have on your family? What results would you generate in business and life? The choice is yours on where you want to focus to leverage the results you truly want to create.


Tania Walter Gardiner - Live Your Definition of Success


Note: You can also find this article published in the Cowichan Valley Voice September 2012 edition:

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