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Connection to Community

I recently attended a presentation by Mark Holland, Vice President of Development, New Monaco Enterprise Corporation on community. I found him to be pioneering in his thoughts and approach. I’m sharing some of the points he highlighted that resonated with me that I think you will appreciate or be inspired by as well:


• Deeply connect with your identity and find out what it means to your community.

• Take a deep fundamental rooted effect with planning then take many small steps to implement.

• Position your community to thrive in the future.

• Every challenge brings with it a huge opportunity. It’s how you choose to respond.

• How you connect people through their values, lifestyle and identity creates community. He says this is sub-cultural diversity; values, lifestyle and identity are the magnets that draw tribes together. A community is a collection of tribes.

• Write your passions into an epic. Story telling is potent advertising and gives meaning.

• Have a niche (don’t burn out) – leverage your company / business / job. You are being more generous by being self-aware.

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