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Coaching for Results

I invite you to read my article "Coaching for Results" in the Cowichan Valley Voice p. 33:

Coaching for Results

Coaching has emerged as a leading resource and skill-set for business leaders to live successful and extraordinary lives. You become clear on the results you want to create, why it matters and design a purposeful action plan to achieve your goals.

If you had empowering ways to commit to and achieve results in business and life, what would that make possible for you? As a beginning, I invite you to:

Become clear on your goals - Be clear of what you want in business and life, how will you get it, how will you know you have it, and what is your commitment to getting it. Design your business in a way that energizes you and creates the life you want. What is it you truly want to create for yourself?

Connect with what is important –Build a grounded foundation to make decisions that align with what you value most and ensure your daily actions are also in alignment with those values. This is the rocket fuel to engagement and commitment that creates breakthrough results. What is important to you about the outcome you aim to achieve?

Everyone could use a coach in their corner. If you feel coaching might be for you or are interested in more information, I welcome your contact.

Tania Walter Gardiner - Live Your Definition of Success

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