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As we wrap up 2011 and prepare for what we want to create in 2012, I invite you to:

reflect on and celebrate your successes of 2011

get really clear on what success looks like for 2012

create an inspired action plan so that you can fully and completely move into consistent action to powerfully launch 2012

Here are a few questions to ponder to get you started:

Reflecting on the past 6-12 months, what were your successes?

What has been the benefit in your life from those successes?

Who else was impacted by those successes?

How will you celebrate your success in a way that is most meaningful to you?

What was your learning that you want to take forward into 2012?

For 2012, what is your definition of success?

What is important about the success you want to create? Once you answer, ask yourself again, what's important about that?

What are the ways in which you are going to achieve your definition of success?

How are you going to commit to achieving your definition of success?

How will you know you have achieved your definition of success? What would be the evidence?

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