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Quotes Thanks for your generous and inspiring leadership Tania. You have gifted us with something that on paper, seems so small. However, in reality it has made a huge impact on our development as a team, on the way we make decisions and on how we identify our priorities. Quotes
Bruce Youngren
Executive Director

Quotes This first experience of life coaching was very powerful and life giving for me. Tania brings a wide skill set and uses her varied methods expertly and seamlessly. I highly recommend going for the first session to find how coaching works. Quotes
Reed Early
Credentialled Evaluator

Quotes I hired Tania in late 2013 as an Executive Coach; she coached me for several months. Tania helped me to achieve my business goals through Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming. The process was fascinating and very enlightening. Tania helped me gain awareness -- which helped me to kick start my business. I recommend Tania to anybody seeking assistance with Executive Coaching for professional or personal goals. Thank you so much Tania. Quotes
Maribel Valls
The Culture Coach

Quotes Tania has been an integral member of the Leadership Vancouver Island program delivery team. As a volunteer lead coach in the Leadership Vancouver Island program, we benefit from the time, talent and professional expertise that is shared with the participants in our community leadership development program. The quality of this program could not be possible without the volunteer contribution of our talented and professionally certified coaches, like Tania. Quotes
Laura McCafferty
President, Leadership Vancouver Island

Quotes Coaching exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to be given the tools to make such a significant difference in my outlook and focus. I am walking away with a completely different sense of self-worth than I came in with. Quotes
Lee-Ann Berard
Business Owner

Quotes My meetings with Tania literally changed my life. She gave me a new question to live with, " what did I want that would make me truly happy?" Tania listened respectfully to me in our coaching sessions and asked just the right questions to make me go deeper to find my own answers. Through her coaching I have empowered myself to accomplish dreams and goals that I didn't think were possible. I have been going forward in my business ever since and there is no stopping me now. I would not hesitate in recommending her. Thank you Tania. Quotes
Mimi Roy
Mixed Metal Mimi

Quotes Leadership Vancouver Island is indebted to our coaches for their professional expertise and dedication to building leadership capacity in our program. As one of our coaches, Tania meets monthly with community project teams, provides support to team members, and offers professional coaching services to participants in our organization?s Community Leadership Development program. The coaches are a highlight of our program and their involvement enables our participants to experience a level of rich vitality that garners positive feedback year after year." Quotes
Russ Burke
Vice President LVI & Manager at Canadian Western Bank

Quotes Tania's solutions-focused coaching is phenomenal! She helped me realize my goals and become more efficient and organized with my time. Her knowledge and strategies really helped me dig deeper into what I want in my life and I was able to achieve the results I wanted in a shorter amount of time. She surpassed my expectations and I have recommended her to others. If you want to re-energize yourself, find solutions and see your life take a positive turn, contact Tania immediately! Quotes
Alisun Denison
Business Owner

Quotes I have had the pleasure of being coached by Tania. And I say pleasure, because the way she guides me through the process of experiencing my own resourcefulness, and connecting to my own passion, feels really good. She is at the same time, powerful AND gentle. She is able to be so present, and listen with such attentiveness, that she picks up on everything I say--and I do mean everything. And even what I don't say. She is excellent at picking up my tone, my shifts in energy, body posture (when we do a session in person) such that I get real value out of our sessions together, and I feel seen, heard, and honoured. I'm moving with greater ease towards my goals as a result of being coached by Tania. Quotes
Jason Sugar
Breakthrough Coach

Quotes I was more than pleasantly surprised with the help and direction I received from Tania's solution based coaching. I knew there were changes I wanted to make for myself I just didn't know where to start. Because of that it was easy to procrastinate! Tania gave me the tools to break down my goals into small actionable items. Items that I am committed to and see the value of following through on. Tania has a warm and welcoming way about her. She oozes support and positive energy. This attitude puts you at ease and gets you energized to get cracking on making things happen for yourself. Tania's style lets you process things at your own speed and she intuitively knows what tools will work better with what people. I have already started to take clear steps towards my goals and when I slide back a bit I have good concrete tools I can refer to in order to get back on track. Working with Tania was amazing and very in empowering. I would recommend her to anyone that's looking for some clarity. Quotes
Stephanie Roy
Sole Proprietor