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Integral Connections

Facilitating Integral Connections

Who is Tania Walter Gardiner?
I am a certified professional coach and facilitator. I work in partnership with Solopreneurs to orient your internal compass aligned with your specific energy, talents and experience to create values-based, progressive and sustainable results. We get clear on your vision and the results you want to create, why it matters and design a purposeful action plan to achieve it. You begin to control the demands on your time, gain increased confidence and create a balanced fulfilled life.

I have created and am living my definition of success in my business living a very fulfilled life and want the same for you. 

I also have a background in management, leadership, training and development. To learn more about me,

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Why was I inspired to develop the Mastermind Momentum Team?

Over the past 7 years I have been hearing the concerns, fears, excitement, questions and challenges Solopreneurs are experiencing. Based on this, I created the Mastermind Momentum Team. As an entrepreneur, a key success piece is ones team. 

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