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Welcome to Integral Connections

Integral Connections is a coaching, facilitation and consulting service offered by Tania Walter Gardiner. Generate insight and solutions to build sustainable capacities.

I work with individuals and teams to gain clarity about their values so that they can generate possibilities, create solutions, and commit to purposeful action steps to achieve what they want with integrity.

Click here for an introduction to who I am and hear a few testimonials from clients:

Overview of Coaching, Facilitation and Consulting Services

What do you want in life? How might you get it? How might you commit to that? How would you know you got it? 


The answers to questions such as these are what connect you to your motivations, inspiration, and passion to do what you love in life. Coaching is about asking purposeful and strategic questions to support you in making connections to your deeper values and committing to creating what you want in life. 


These questions can enable you to come up with your own integral insights and solutions to make decisions that are in alignment with what you value most. This process guides you towards a strong and purposeful future, creating confidence and bringing personal meaning to your life.

In addition to extensive professional coaching training, I have a diverse background through education and experience to draw from to support you in creating the results you want both through personal individualized coaching and in business, through consulting using a coaching frame-work.

I deliver these services with my personal and professional values of integrity, respect, and trust.


"This first experience of life coaching was very powerful and life giving for me. Tania brings a wide skill set and uses her varied methods expertly and seamlessly. I highly rec..."

Reed Early

Credentialled Evaluator

"I hired Tania in late 2013 as an Executive Coach; she coached me for several months. Tania helped me to achieve my business goals through Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programmi..."

Maribel Valls

The Culture Coach

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